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Posts with links, below, are active; others await restoration. When you see comments by “Sunny” (my nickname), what I’ve done is just paste in the comments which appeared on my original blog,, which Google rudely took down in 2021.

And how many of these restored posts come up on Google now? Look for “No Burial for the Dead Boy,” along with all the others. No show. Nada. Google directs “Halbig’s FOIAs” to “Helbig’s GOIAs”!!! It would be funny except that censorship isn’t.

Mysterious Miscellaneous:

Night of the Grizzly Frame-Up, by Sunny, 3/18/23

Alamo Psy-Op, by Sunny, 1/6/2023

My Prouty Family Murders, by Sunny, 1/5/2023

Flight 93 and the Fake Crash that Presaged It, by Sunny, 5/30/2020

Brittany Maynard, My Undead Niece, by Sunny, 2/4/2015

A Very Weird Coincidence, by Sunny, 6/28/2015

Brittany Follow-ups, by Sunny, 10/9/2022

Seeking the Truth about Iris Ruth, by Sunny, 10/19/2022

The Undead Amy Biehl (another Orange County zombie chick), by Sunny, 1/17/2016

The Strange Case of Sam Hamilton, by Sunny, 4/25/2011

The Log of Accidental Deaths, by Sunny, 8/29/2010

Assassination Techniques of the CIA and KGB, by Sunny, 12/23/2011

Official Corruption:

My Testimony to the Colorado General Assembly’s Legislative Interim Committee on Judicial Discipline, by Sunny, 8/23/2022

The Government’s Assassin, by Sunny, 3/7/2011

History of the Romer Ranch, by Sunny, 4/13/2011

Goon Gone, by Sunny, 4/11/2022

John Gleason, Mob Plant, by Sunny, 6/3/2015

Gleason’s Greasin’, by Sunny, 2/20/2011

Ken Salazar Unwrapped, Part I, by Sunny, 10/2/2010

On Winking Judges, by Sunny, 10/1/2010

Billy Lucero’s Inquisition, by Sunny, 9/4/2010

John Gleason, Lawyer Impersonator? by Sunny, 9/4/2010

Corona Confused? Frankly, So Are We, by Cinderella Broom, 4/14/2020

Tainted, by Cinderella Broom, 9/18/2020

The Julian Assange Witch Hunt, by Sunny, May 24, 2019

Life Among the Sociopaths, Part I, by Sunny, June 8, 2011

Googling “Alison Maynard,” by Sunny, 12/9/2011

The Dysfunctional Denver Post, by Sunny, 1/22/2011

John Gleason and Me, by Sunny, 2/8/2010

Me at the Mike, by Sunny, 8/8/2020    

The Police State of Colorado, by Sunny, 3/10/2011 

Police State II, by Sunny, 3/19/2011

BOYCOTT GOOGLE!, by Sunny, 12/30/2011

Sandy Hook:

Sandy Hookers, by Sunny, 6/4/14 (just restored as of 4/13/23!)

Fab Four (and More!), by Sunny, 3/24/23

Sandy Hook Goes Hollywood, by Anne Berg, 7/14/22

Halbig’s FOIAs, by Sunny, 7/9/2022

No Burial for the Dead Boy, by Sunny, 12/20/19 [July 2022: This one has been besieged with 458 spam comments since I reposted it less than three months ago, on 4/25/22. ]

Sandy Hook “Special, by Cinderella Broom, Summer 2018 (published here 2/5/2023)

Doors of Deception, Part 1, by Cinderella Broom, Summer 2018 (published here 2/5/2023)

Doors of Deception, Part 2, by Cinderella Broom, Summer 2018 (published here 2/6/2023)

Doors of Deception, Part 3, by Cinderella Broom, from Summer 2018 (published here 2/9/23)

Lyin’ Lizard of the New York Times, by Sunny, March 2020, updated around March 2021

Frauds of the FCC, by Sunny, 10/25/2022

The Real Connecticut: More on the Sandy Hook Psych-Op, by Sunny, 5/5/2018

The Constant Whiner, by Anne Berg, 12/6/2018

Searchable Connecticut State Police Report on Sandy Hook, 9/4/2022

More Grease for the Sandy Hook Gravy Train, by Anne Berg, 2/24/2020

Lake Lillinonah’s Hidden Mysteries, by Anne Berg, 1/24/2020

The Goons Who Stalk Me, by Sunny, 12/22/2019

The Highly Unlikely Suicide of Abe Dabela, Part I, by Cinderella Broom,  2/2/2019

The Highly Unlikely Suicide of Abe Dabela, Part II, by Cinderella Broom, 2/2/2019

Somebody Died after Sandy Hook: Gerald Stomski, by Cinderella Broom, 1/23/2020

Storybook Character, by Cinderella Broom, 1/4/2020


Follow-up to Gates UPM Charges in California, 11/25/2020

Complaint to California Medical Board about Bill Gates, 9/22/2020

Getting’ Inta Trouble Again, 1/20/2020

It’s the water, stupid!  The ascendancy of Nancy Rice (and Greg Hobbs and  Rebecca Kourlis), and related matters, 6/1/16

Trick or Treat, Denver!, 3/16/16

Why I Was Targeted, 7/26/15

Where Have All the Records Gone?  1/26/14

The Selective Prosecution of Alison Maynard, Part I, 9/15/12

Magness Family Values, 8/31/12

Fear and Loathing in the Tenth Circuit, Part Deux, 3/15/12

When Charlie Bit Harry, 2/12/12

Life Among the Sociopaths, Part II, 12/16/11

Fear and Loathing in the Tenth Circuit, 8/21/11

Life Among the Sociopaths*, Part I, 6/8/11

Lewis Ames Memorabilia, 4/27/11

Nuclear War—in Denver?  2/17/11

For Those Who Would Comment (and Cannot), 12/4/10

Connections between DPS Refinancing and Parker Lofgren, 8/26/10

Bruce Benson and the Closing of the CU Journalism School, 8/26/10

Death and Emails on the Colorado River, 1/22/10

Who I Am, 1/21/10

SH:     Getting’ Inta Trouble Again!, 1/20/20

SH:    The Constant Whiner, by Anne Berg, 12/6/18

SH:    The Chimera Lenny Pozner, 8/7/19

SH:    The Long Arm of the Lawless:  the Official Oppression of Wolfgang Halbig Continues, 1/24/19

SH:    Free lunch breadcrumb trail leads straight to Chalk Hill

   Middle School (from Cinderella’s Broom), 8/19/2018

SH:    All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men, are upon us, 8/12/2018

SH:    The Real Connecticut:  More on the Sandy Hook “Psych-Op”, 5/5/2018

SH:    Sandy Hookers, 6/4/14