About the photographs on the slideshow: they’re more than lovely Colorado scenes. They are a few of the places where I fought real estate developers stealing public (and private) land or water rights, aided by governmental officials. The pictures show Snowmass Creek (before the Colorado Water Conservation Board carved off 40% of the instream flow so the Aspen Skiing Company could make snow); the Town of Castle Rock (before developers’ operatives stuffed the ballot box); Maroon Creek (where CWCB let another ski company take water out for snowmaking, killing the creek); and the Little Cochetopa School Section in Chaffee County (school land given away by bribed State Land Board employees).

So, what I mean by “The Real Colorado” is: corruption.

Who I am. My name is Alison Maynard, nickname “Sunny.” I am a graduate of Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences, where I went on a National Merit scholarship. For three years after graduation I traveled and worked overseas, then returned to the U.S., settled in Denver–where I’d lived for two years as a child–and went to work in the geophysical industry. When that industry went belly-up in the early 1980’s I went to law school–for no better reason than that I had maxed the LSAT. I thought that test score meant I should become a lawyer! I wish I’d known a little more about the undisclosed fealties which dictate the outcome of court cases in Colorado before doing so.

I practiced law in Colorado from 1987 to 2009, specializing in water law. I became the Green Party candidate for Colorado Attorney General in 2002, having had enough ideals shattered by that time to try to get the power to address the corruption I was seeing, with state trust lands and water rights flying out the door, election irregularities, thefts of nonprofits’ property, and more. I had received much positive attention, from real people as well as (sometimes) the press, for my work. However, my career took a shocking turn from 2006 to 2010, when I became the subject of a witch hunt by the Colorado Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, which brought seven groundless disciplinary proceedings against me, despite never a client complaint. The OARC “waived” its own rules both requiring a client complaint, and not involving itself while litigation was active, in order to “get Maynard” (an actual quote). I was also made to defend two disability proceedings brought to mandate a mental evaluation. I overcame these, only to see a condition that I must submit to a mental evaluation before being readmitted to practice stuck into the last disciplinary opinion, in 2010, in blatant violation of the rules.

This disciplinary siege was at the behest of my litigation opponents, with whom OARC prosecutors colluded to force my withdrawal from their cases, in violation of every ethical precept it supposedly stands for. More fundamentally, I know the siege was at the behest of a justice on the Supreme Court, Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. Hobbs, a self-proclaimed “water law expert,” was closely associated with my water attorney opponents, and motivated by personal animus: Sunny Maynard had failed to acknowledge him as God’s Gift to the Water Bar. Therefore, she must pay. (In fact, Hobbs messed up Colorado water law. He didn’t really get certain concepts, as I’ll show in a future post.)

In my blog after the siege was over–well, I had believed it was over, in 2010, even moving out of the state in 2011, only to see the OARC resume its persecution of me in 2019!–I wrote about my own research and cases, linking to my own documents stored in box.com. I started TheRealColorado.blogspot.com in 2010 because I had begun looking into the attorney- and judge-regulatory system in Colorado, as well as the judges themselves. The scope expanded to examine a number of government-staged “psy ops,” such as the so-called Sandy Hook school shooting and the bizarre “death” of my own niece. In April 2021, box.com disabled my ability to share documents, so all my links went dead, and in May 2021, Blogger took my blog down altogether, both without notice, explanation, or ability to appeal, Blogger putting an insulting notice in search results that the blog was “suspended for violation of community guidelines.” The present blog is my resurrection of The Real Colorado. I’m currently still putting my original posts back up.

The OARC resumed its witch hunt against me in 2019 putatively because I had helped a defendant in one of the Sandy Hook cases, saying I had engaged in the unauthorized practice of law in Wisconsin; but, since that was obviously not the case, it was in actuality for my blogging about the corrupt Colorado courts. I had discovered the attorney regulatory system was infested with unqualified, preselected people who never even filed applications, thus avoiding background checks, evaluations of character and fitness, and comparison against other applicants, which the Constitution requires of other state employees. I uncovered substantial evidence two have taken bribes. See the four blog posts I’ve written about the reprobate who was at OARC for 25 years, heading it for the last 15, John Gleason, as well as Billy Lucero’s Inquisition and Goon Gone, about William Lucero, the minimally qualified presiding disciplinary judge.

My most important discovery is that all of these functionaries within the Colorado judicial system are Catholic. I have identified a judge- and attorney-generating machine which has operated since at least the mid-1980’s to install Catholics in key positions. This machine functions to admit attorneys via systematized cheating on the bar exam (see here, p. 19, about the perversion of the Board of Law Examiners; that motion with exhibits is here). Lacking both competence and morality, the sole qualification of these mind-controlled judicial personnel is that they obey. And I am more and more convinced that the one they were obeying was Hobbs, a graduate of Notre Dame who had spent a year in seminary. I am certain Greg Hobbs not only caused me to lose cases before his own court, but directed judges in my lower-court cases to rule against me AND SANCTION ME, repeatedly, imposing around two hundred thousand dollars in fines at last count, to punish me for exposing the criminal acts of his cronies along with his own misconduct. Other judges did what he said because he had clout within the Church. How else could these judges rationalize violating their oath to uphold the laws and constitutions of the United States and State of Colorado, if not for being assured they were serving a higher master?

My latest findings have to do with the presiding disciplinary judge, William R. Lucero, who passed the constitutionally mandated retirement age for judges (72) on Feb. 14, 2019, yet continued to decide cases for an additional three years–notably that latest case against me, in which he imposed disbarment by default in 2020–so everything he has done is void on its face. Lucero violated other statutes and canons of judicial conduct, as well. See Goon Gone. Not long after I exposed this farce the Colorado Supreme Court announced Lucero’s “retirement”: not prosecution, not termination, but retirement. The salary for the position is $178,900!

So in a sense, I won; but justice has not been done, by any stretch of the imagination. Does the Supreme Court care that its employee thumbed his nose at the constitution and laws with the imprimatur of the Court? Does it pull Lucero’s defamatory screeds from the internet and cancel the opinions he published, which imposed disbarment or suspension on 27 attorneys after he passed the mandatory retirement age, and make things right? You can bet your sweet bippy IT DOES NOT. And that’s because he was their guy.

They goin’ down.

Update 5/21/2022: I learned from a friend in Denver, in December 2021, that Greg Hobbs died of an embolism on November 30th, 2021. The timing is very interesting, since on Oct. 5th, 2021, in a motion seeking records which I filed in my appeal of the disbarment I included as Footnote #2 some of my evidence to support the charge that Hobbs drove the siege against me from 2006-10, for personal reasons. So, did it suddenly become inconvenient to have Hobbs around? Did he outlive his usefulness to the cabal? Or is his death (which looks plausible, as a typical result of the COVID jabs) a fake? You decide! Not mentioned in this footnote is five suspicious deaths I have recently linked this sociopath and his cronies Victor Boog and Glenn Porzak to, in connection with my Spring Creek Ranch cases. See The Log of Accidental Deaths. This points to Hobbs being not merely a devout servant of the Church, but a member of Opus Dei. These people commit murder in the name of the church. And that is why I have seen fear on the faces of people who knew Hobbs, as I will spell out in future.

Here’s that Footnote #2 from my motion, explaining a little about why this man was obsessed with destroying me:

“[2] While in large part I believe Hobbs’s goal was to take me out of practice so I could not go to the United States Supreme Court with charges of contempt (and criminal conduct) by his cronies in the water bar in connection with the Animas-La Plata water project—a project he unethically promoted as a Supreme Court justice–his targeting me was also prompted by personal animus.  I obtained Hobbs’s recusal in two Supreme Court cases for violations of the Canons of Judicial Conduct, including meeting ex parte with my litigation opponents to discuss the case and taking money and other favors from them, and tried to get him recused in at least two other cases, where his disqualification should have been granted but was not.  I opposed Hobbs’s retention in the 2008 election (circulating to media outlets a document called “Vote No! On Hobbs” detailing what I had on him, none of which published it, but I believe they provided it to him).  I grieved Hobbs in 2008 to the Commission on Judicial Discipline, which required him to respond to my complaint, although then took no action, merely saying, “Let us know if he does this again.”  He did do it again, and I complained again, but the new director of the Commission, William Campbell, did not even refer the renewed complaint to his board.  He just denied it on his own.  I also filed a criminal complaint with the Denver District Attorney which went nowhere.  (The substance of these complaints is the same as detailed in the “Motion to Recuse Justice Hobbs” filed in case 07 SA100, in the record of this case as Exhibit AG to the “Motion for Determination of Case 07 SA 100 on the Merits” filed Sept. 3, 2021.)

“Several times over the years I became aware that Hobbs was keeping tabs on me and influencing matters behind the scenes.  For example, when I sold my house in 1998, to my surprise at the closing the purchaser’s realtor relayed a negative personal comment Hobbs had made about me, even though I barely knew him.  Hobbs set up events which would be expected to put me together with him, causing me to avoid these events if I had advance notice.  One such was a “Prom for Those Who Missed Theirs” which he hosted and invited me to before I had even met him, not long after I was hired as an assistant attorney general in the Water Unit in 1989.  An event I did not have advance notice of was when he attended a Marsh Inn of Court dinner as the guest of attorney Gary Blum, who was in my “judge group,” in around 1998.  Hobbs—a Supreme Court justice–spent the dinner intensively quizzing me about my cases, to my great discomfort.  Not long afterward an unsigned opinion came down in a Colorado Supreme Court case which had a negative impact on the one federal case I did tell him about, thinking a federal case was safe.  In other words, Hobbs, along with his crony David Robbins, both sociopaths, stalked me for most of my career, taking actions behind my back to thwart me in every single case I was handling as an attorney.  Although there are indications his obsession was also sexual, I believe Hobbs primarily wanted my approval as a water lawyer, because he is a narcissist who needed my acknowledgment of him as God’s Gift to the Water Bar.  When he did not get the obeisance he felt was his due, he turned hostile.  I will be filing a more detailed motion and affidavit about this man’s abuses of power to support my claims of due process and equal protection deprivation at least in the U.S. Supreme Court if not here.”

[I never filed the more detailed motion, because my appeal had already been dissed. And I decided not to go to the U.S. Supreme Court, where seven of the nine justices are Catholic. Nothing like throwing more money away. I’ll be writing more about Nasty Hobbs on this blog, though.]

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