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(orig. published 6/4/2014)

Here are some unusual connections among mental health professionals who own property in both Newtown (Sandy Hook), Connecticut, and New Hampshire; are connected through Harvard; connected to “emergency responders”; and/or whose business it is to counsel people involved in “mass disasters.”  They make money off such incidents, therefore. They are a lot busier since the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon incidents on Dec. 14, 2012, and April 15, 2013, respectively, not to mention 9/11.  Northern Ireland is an issue which connects some of them, too.  

Some of the property ownership and other records have been altered since I first saw them in March 2013, as noted below.  In fact, since I posted this yesterday, all links to the Rockingham County, New Hampshire, registry of deeds have been broken.  Incredibly, the index page with “I” names was removed in real time, while I was working on editing this just now (looking into Isgut), followed a short time later by the zapping of my laptop such that it never worked again. (There was no power surge when this happened–the lights did not even flicker.)  I have screenshots on another drive, however, and will link to those here.  Although the screenshots are fragmentary, they enable you to piece the deeds together, or find them yourself, through putting in book and page on the registry of deeds’ site.  (When the tracking applet comes up, a new feature, you can press “Deny” and still use the site.)

John Philip Woodall:   I would be remiss in not starting out with John Woodall, who lives in Newtown.  He played a big role in Sandy Hook, talking endlessly about “resilience.”  He is a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, as well the founder of the “Unity Project,” an effort closely intertwined with the Baha’i faith.  (Lynne B., who ran “Sandy Hook Truth,” made this connection originally.)  Another Baha’i adherent is Maurice Strong, the motivating force behind Agenda 21, which pursues the eradication of national boundaries and is devoted to equalizing economic disparity among peoples–not by raising the economic status of the impoverished, mind you, but by stripping people in the richer countries of their wealth.  (As an aside, I was on the other side from Maurice Strong in the AWDI case in 1989:  he was the man behind American Water Development, Inc., trying to lock up the groundwater in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.)

Patricia A. Hubbs:  Patricia A. Hubbs uses her maiden name professionally, Patricia Doherty, Ed.D. She has an M.A. in psychiatry and is an instructor at Harvard Medical School, where she works alongside a psychotherapist named Kathleen Ulman.  They are thus co-workers of John Woodall.  

Patricia A. Hubbs inherited a half interest in 6 Sunnyview Terrace, Sandy Hook, CT, on Feb. 9, 2009, from Anna Margaret Doherty. The other half-interest (Inst. 2009-00000646) went to Maureen Will, the director of Emergency Communications for Newtown, who played a huge role in the Sandy Hook soap opera.  Maureen Will later acquired Patricia’s interest in 6 Sunnyview Terrace on Jan. 14, 2011.

Patricia A. Hubbs is also listed in white pages with the address of 9 Cherokee Ct., Londonderry, New Hampshire.  Patricia’s husband David W. Hubbs’s business address is 9 Cherokee Ct., Londonderry, NH. His business is “DWH Consulting Group,” and products/services of the company are given as “Information Technology Systems”—he’s a computer guy.  

So Patricia has links to Sandy Hook, CT, and New Hampshire, as well as Harvard. (Londonderry is 25 miles from Kingston, New Hampshire, where Nancy Lanza–the mother of the putative Sandy Hook killer–was supposedly from.)

In Sandy Hook, both Patricia A. Hubbs and Maureen Will are listed as principals and managers of “17 Riverside Rd Associates, LLC,” the mailing address for which is “6 Sunnyview Terrace” according to the Connecticut Secretary of State. The corporation came into existence in 2008 and dissolved in 2015.

The addresses in Spokeo which came up then for Maureen Will were 6 Sunnyview Terrace and 17 Riverside Rd. in Sandy Hook, as well as 616 Federal Rd., in Brookfield, CT.  Thus, Patricia Hubbs and Maureen Will are involved together in two Sandy Hook properties.  (When I searched in for “Shannon C. Hicks” on March 16, 2013, by the way, she came up as associated with Maureen Will and John Will at 2 Zoar Rd.  Shannon C. Hicks is the person who took the “conga line” photo, the only photo of children evacuating from the Sandy Hook School.)

Why does this matter? Both 17 Riverside Rd. and 6 Sunnyview Terrace are directly across from the Sandy Hook school.

The property appraiser’s records for 17 Riverside Road [scotched, as of 2023] showed that, in 2008, that address was titled in the name “Estate of Anna Margaret Doherty.”  The “my” entry for Patricia Doherty in 2013 established that her parents’ names were Anna Margaret and David A. Doherty.  I cannot find that now, either (June 4, 2014). 

Patricia (Doherty) Hubbs and Kathleen Ulman are co-founders of Boston Threshold Group, which “includes professionals from Boston, Massachusetts, USA and Northern Ireland who wish to promote the theory and practice of group psychotherapy” and sponsored the Northern Ireland Group Psychotherapy Conference for 13 years until 2010. [That link has been disabled; however, this one still works.] “We have our curriculum, that we developed after 9/11.” The “Red Well Theater Group” went to Ireland to perform at the 2010 conference and will be performing at the American Group Psychotherapy Association’s conference in Boston on March 8, 2014.  It puts on plays to “train psychotherapists.”

Kathleen Hubbs Ulman:

Kathleen Ulman is an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard and a close colleague of Patricia A. (Doherty) Hubbs.  Although Ulman does not own property in Sandy Hook or New Hampshire that I have found, her brother, David W. Hubbs, married Patricia Doherty, so she has both a familial, as well as professional, connection to Patricia, and is thereby also related to Maureen Will [as I found by the time of my follow-up post: Maureen Will and Patricia Doherty Hubbs are sisters.]

Kathleen Ulman ran for president of the American Group Psychotherapy Association in 2007. [Note, 2023: This site says she has been president for 16 years! Her specialty when I first published this in 2014 was listed as “disaster response mental health” and “transforming despair into hope.”  That information is now gone.]

A quote from the 2007 AGPA newsletter says, “After 9/11, Kathy became very involved with providing groups for those traumatized by the attack on the World Trade Center.”  Ulman uses the word “resilience” frequently, and has made many presentations based on the Boston Marathon event, which was reportedly a bombing.

***Note, 2014:  Since I began drafting this blog piece in 2013, the newsletters of both the American Group Psychotherapy Association and Northeastern Society  for Group Psychotherapists–which I had links to–have been removed from the web.  There are cached versions still there in html, which will neither download nor print in full.  Obtain the cached version by right-clicking on the google result after inputting pertinent names.

Marilyn L.  Lanza:

Marilyn L. Lanza is a group psychotherapist who lives and practices in Windham, NH, at 44 E. Nashua Rd. Windham is 17 miles from Kingston and 7 miles from Londonderry.

She is a member of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy, along with Kathy Ulman and Pat Doherty (see pages 10 and 15) (again a newsletter which has been removed from the web).  I do not suggest that Marilyn Lanza was involved in the Sandy Hook incident, nor that she owns property in Newtown–although she has the same last name as the putative killer.  I only point out that she was known to both Patricia Doherty and Kathleen Ulman, as a colleague, and lives in New Hampshire.

Thomas S. Langner and Susan Kassirer:  

Lynne B., who ran the Sandy Hook Truth blog in 2013, made the initial discovery about Thomas S. Langner.  Langner came up as “associated with” William Halstead in [2023: That association has been removed.]

A little background:  William Halstead has been the chief of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company since 1978–a very long time.  He was, therefore, in charge of the fire station, which played such a prominent role in the Sandy Hook incident.  Halstead’s daughter Karin is an EMT and captain of the fire department; her husband John Jeltema is also a fireman.  Halstead’s son William, Jr., is an EMT and former captain with SHVFRCo.  Halstead’s ex-wife Barbara Halstead was putatively the secretary at Sandy Hook School, who, hiding under a desk, made the initial 9-1-1 call about a shooter being in the school (and gave a different story about her experience in every interview I read). William Halstead’s new wife, Debbie Aurelia, is the Newtown Town Clerk, who has vigorously pushed for legislation designating death certificates of minors as nonpublic records.

The association of Halstead with Thomas S. Langner  is another connection between a mental health professional “associated with” an emergency responder in Sandy Hook.  Langner is a well-known psychiatrist, having published an influential book in 1963, Life Stress and Mental Health:  the Midtown Manhattan Study, as well as other books.  So Langner is now 89 or 90 years old.

In 2013, Langner was listed as the property owner of 6 Still Hill Road in Sandy Hook (as well as considerable property on Toddy Hill Rd.), but lived most of the year, with his second wife Susan Kassirer, at an address on Central Park in New York City.  Kassirer has written letters to media outlets and given testimony calling for gun control after Sandy Hook. Curiously, just before the Sandy Hook incident she and her husband moved to Sandy Hook to live full-time. She writes children’s books.  In an interview with the Newtown Bee in 2013 (again removed from the web, but as you can see, I saved it) she said they moved one day before Hurricane Sandy struck in October 2012, saying nothing about the shooting, which one would think might cast a pall over their idyll.

Langner’s first wife, Nola, illustrated children’s books.  They had five children.  Their twin girls, Belinda and Gretchen, had a website on which they were flacking for monetary donations from people to “help us get well.” (They had some dietary restrictions!)  I say “had” because that site is down now, too.  It was taken down after I emailed Lynne B. about it.  Here is the URL–I don’t know how to check for a cache.  The point is, they invoked the now-familiar mechanism of playing on people’s pity to raise funds for themselves via a website.  This is something people in this family know about and do. 

Before leaving this group I note there is an Edward G. Halstead who is or was a psychiatrist at Yale Medical School and Fairfield Hills State Hospital, both close to Newtown.  There is also a Richard W. Halstead who is a professional counselor in West Hartford, CT, and wrote a book, “From Tragedy to Triumph:  Counselor & Companion, Story of the Hero’s Journey.”  This sounds very similar to the theme of the Unity Project and its founder John Woodall, whose blurb says, “Show me a tragedy and I’ll show you a potential hero!  Turning tragedy into resilient strengths.” 

Isgut/Buttafoco/Zullo:  The following research was posted by Anne Berg on the Sandy Hook Truth website.  I’ve added to it a little–and now much more information has been posted on the Memory Hole blog.  Alejandro E. Isgut is a doctor in Newtown, CT, at 19 Church Hill Rd.  He has admitting privileges at Danbury Hospital. Although not specifically a mental health professional he has prescribed drugs which treat psychiatric conditions (and in 2002 was disciplined for not properly monitoring a patient on Ritalin, who died). Isgut shows up as the current owner of the Lanzas’ putative former home in Kingston, New Hampshire.  Note that his address on the deed is in a different typeface from the rest, so the deed has been altered.  

The Real Colorado image Sandy Hookers

 It is at Book 5232, p. 0265, in the Rockingham County records.  [5/9/18:  that link has been broken, too, so here are all the screenshots I took of these deeds.] [2018: that address, P.O. Box 752, is being used by other participants in the Sandy Hook caper, truly a smoking gun. See here.]

The previous owners are Isgut’s daughter and her husband.  The daughter has the names Maria Adriana Isgut, Maria Adriana Buttafoco (this name I believe is current), Maria Adriana Zullo, and Adrienne Zullo (Zullo being a likely ex-husband).  She shows up in whitepages in Newtown, CT, as well as in New Hampshire.  Sometimes “Maria” is omitted.

The Lanza home, at 44 Depot Road, Kingston, NH, was carved out of a larger piece of property owned by Nancy Lanza’s mother, whose name was Champion, at 46 Depot Road, in 1998.  The home at 44  Depot Road was purchased in 2011 by Alexander E. Isgut, as you can see from the deed above.  James Champion, Nancy Lanza’s brother, continues to own and live at 46 Depot Road, as of the last time I researched this matter. 

While the present is a work in progress, I note that occupying, or at least having the “Lanza home” right next door, is a way a principal in any play-acting can control what happens on that property.  The house next door to the Lanza home in Sandy Hook is owned by John Trentacosta (at 30:48), the president of the Newtown Savings Bank. Along with the other property “coincidences”–the key cop and her psychologist sister owning two homes right across the street from Sandy Hook School; Sandy Hook resident Isgut taking title to the home owned by the killer’s mother in New Hampshire, use of the same post office box as the key cop’s mother, and earlier commune co-residency with the killer’s uncle James Champion–this is a significant piece of evidence that the event was staged. All the pertinent properties were either controlled, or under easy observation at all times, by the players.

***Update May 5, 2018:  More connections uncovered!  Go here.

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