Fab Four (and more!)

I am publishing here some of the great photo captures by Anne Berg, with analysis by her, Cinderella, and myself, from our email discussions over the years. (Just realized some of this is duplicative of Doors of Deception, Part 3, but it bears repeating!)

We start with the photo we call “Fab Four Running”:

The Real Colorado image-32 Fab Four (and more!)

The vehicles are too big for this to be real. I think these people are not even running: just posing with a knee upraised, although the woman on the left has a fright wig on (or hair fixed with Superglue).

More of the scene below. I for one cannot match any of the vehicles behind Fab Four to those in the parking lot.

The Real Colorado image-38 Fab Four (and more!)

The Fab woman with light brown hair shows up in this picture, to which Jim Fetzer has given the apt name “Lounging at the Massacre,” although she has different jeans on.

The Real Colorado image-33 Fab Four (and more!)

Here she is again, coming back for more photos after running away (and putting on a jacket):

The Real Colorado image-41 Fab Four (and more!)

Cinderella and I believe the woman in all these photos is Amy Brackett-Taylor, who was a teacher at the school. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the images:

The Real Colorado image-7 Fab Four (and more!)
The Real Colorado image-6 Fab Four (and more!)
The Real Colorado image-8 Fab Four (and more!)

Anne believes the stricken woman in the middle is someone else. Nevertheless, the other two photos indicate the same woman ran frantically away and then came back to stand around. There’s another photo of Ms. Taylor here–a screenshot is below:

The Real Colorado image-15 Fab Four (and more!)

The little girl in the dirty T-shirt from Fab Four Running appears in these pictures, in the same clothes:

The Real Colorado image-9 Fab Four (and more!)
The Real Colorado image-10 Fab Four (and more!)

We have not identified either the man or the girl.

Adults still lounging in this one:

The Real Colorado image-36 Fab Four (and more!)

The cop way in the back, with his back turned, appears to be the same as in Fab Four Running. He did not even work for Connecticut State Police at the time. We’re pretty sure he is Timothy Barry, who in 2001 was commanding officer of the Connecticut State Police, but retired in April 2004:

The Real Colorado image-11 Fab Four (and more!)
From the 2002 Connecticut State Police Annual Report

So they brought him back to help stage-manage this event.

The heavyset woman in the blue jacket watching the (second) line-up is Lisa Terifay. What is she doing at this crime scene? Looks like she is taking photographs. She poses with her kids, here–whom we don’t see in either conga line, but maybe they are blocked.

The Real Colorado image-37 Fab Four (and more!)

The kids, on their own, made it to prime time with looks of horror:

The Real Colorado image-14 Fab Four (and more!)
REUTERS photo by Michelle McLoughlin

These two (Gillian and Carlee Soto) are mourning their dead sister, Victoria.

The Real Colorado image-40 Fab Four (and more!)
Richard Harbus/for New York Daily News

11 thoughts on “Fab Four (and more!)

    1. That is not the same woman–the lips are different and the expression is not the same. Where did you get this picture?

      As for the SUV, you yourself marked it as silver, close enough to white. Regardless, the point is that these vehicles are not really behind the Fab Four Running. They are a green screen. The Fab Four are posed somewhere and that view of the cars is substituted as the background.

      1. It’s the woman in the back in this photo.


        This is your cropped version of her on the right.


        I used a better quality photo and cropped it

        She is not one of the other woman in the first Hicks phot.

        Can you prove that a green screen was used in the photos? Ands why would they need to use a green screen? If they were going to fake it, why not just use the school to take real photos?

        1. They would need to use a green screen because the event was fake. Nothing happened there on 12/14/12. The cops running around a school with guns drawn, shown via helicopter on CNN, were at St. Rose of Lima School, not Sandy Hook School.

          I am saying the vehicles are too big behind the actors, and certainly, using your photos on which you’ve designated the four cars, we see they are 75 to 100 feet from the school itself. Yet in Fab Four Running the vehicles appear right in front of the school. It’s obviously photo trickery.

          1. “They would need to use a green screen because the event was fake”

            But why use a green screen? Were all the crime scene photos of the school green screen too? If they were going to fake it, wouldn’t it make more sense to go to the school and take all the photos to make it look real? Just saying it was green screen isn’t evidence, you’d have to prove it.

            “It’s obviously photo trickery.”

            Or it’s just perspective. People can take photos where it looks like they are holding up a building. It’s all about perspective.

      2. The conga line photo you have is already not good quality, so cropping and zooming in only made it worse. So that woman on the right in the photos of the three women is too pixilated to compare.

        With a better quality photo, the crop and zoom looks better.

  1. “but the fact he is listed in the CSP Report as running across the parking lot with “teachers and student” at 10:00 a.m. is puzzling”

    Why is it puzzling? Cops still had to search the school, they had no idea if there was another shooter.

  2. For the comparison of the first photo, you chose a screenshot with a big CNN banner covering some of the cars. This photo, with no banner, shows more of the cars.


    Better version of the first photo.


    Does not look like the same woman in other Hicks photo.

    The officer in the first photo is Dennis Keane. In the time line as shown in the report it states:

    10:00:45 Teachers <> , and student run across parking lot with TFC Keane
    #401, to the Sandy Hook firehouse.

    Here is Dennis Keane.


    1. I didn’t mean to “choose” that particular photo with the CNN banner–it’s the only one I had seen. Now looking at yours I don’t see a problem. The 2nd car behind the runners, for instance, is a white SUV. None of your cars marked 1, 2, 3, 4 is white. (Note, by the way, a point raised by other SH researchers, which is that all the vehicles are facing the same direction, towards the school, despite the flow of traffic around that double row of parking spaces, requiring the cars closest to the school to be parked facing away from it. This indicates the vehicles were brought in and offloaded from a semi truck.)

      You may be right about Dennis Keane, but the fact he is listed in the CSP Report as running across the parking lot with “teachers and student” at 10:00 a.m. is puzzling, given that Adam Lanza reportedly shot himself at 9:50, as police arrived. And how is it the woman in the beige sweater, who had run away, comes back to stand around and watch the conga line?

      1. “And how is it the woman in the beige sweater, who had run away, comes back to stand around and watch the conga line?”

        Since you only have a blown up and blurry photo to compare the two, we can’t really tell if it’s the same woman.

        “The 2nd car behind the runners, for instance, is a white SUV”
        Looks more silver to me.

        This is one of the photos from the report, done late afternoon. Same cars as the Hicks photo. With different lighting that SUV does not look white does it? The SUV’s in both photos have the same shaped yellow sticker on the back window.

        Here’s another photo. Same cars.



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