Lyin’ Lizard of the New York Times

by Sunny

(This was drafted in March 2020, with an addendum approximately a year later; and then my blog was down for a year. Lizzie has been busy since March 2020 but this piece remains a good snapshot of that point in time, establishing the New York Times’s involvement not merely in reporting on the Sandy Hook psy op, but in manufacturing it. Lyin’ Lizzie now has a book out–so I’ll do a Part II after I have–GAG!–read it.)

(Second note: for more about Lizzie’s “reporting” about the Sandy Hook event, reports which consist of smear jobs which fail to mention facts that establish the event was staged, see my article from 4/17/19: An Op-Ed the New York Times Refuses to Publish: Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest For the Truth | Memory Hole Blog.)**

The Real Colorado image-9 Lyin' Lizard of the New York Times

We have heard some more from the reptilian Elizabeth Williamson, “Lyin’ Lizzie” of the New York Times, forked tongue darting in and out, reporting first to the Nation’s Newspaper of Record to gin up more tears for the Sandy Hook crisis actors, then reporting to the Lake County, Florida, sheriff’s office to revel in–and likely engineer–the false arrest of Wolfgang Halbig.

Huh–reporting to rather than on, you say?  Yes, because she was right in the middle when the false arrest came down.  See, Leonard Pozner had filed a complaint in October 2019 and did manage to get an affidavit from a detective recommending that the criminal charge of “possessing personal information of another” be pressed against Wolf, even though the elements of the charge weren’t met; and that affidavit led to an arrest warrant being signed by a judge.  The affidavit and warrant specify that the charge is a misdemeanor in the first degree. (Wolf has never been provided the complaint signed by Lenny, however.)

Despite the warrant’s stating “misdemeanor,” Wolf was booked into the jail for a felony and required to post a $5,000 bond to get out.  And the circumstances leading up to that booking are shocking.  Four sheriff’s deputies came to his house at about 1:30 a.m., in the middle of the night on Jan. 27th, 2020, pounding at his door.  They handcuffed Wolf’s wrists tightly and painfully behind his back, and marched him across a golf course and cow pasture in the dead of a very dark night.  For all he knew they were planning to execute him, and he was terrified to see no police vehicles.  Finally one appeared out of the darkness to take him to the station, where he was booked.

So that’s the first puzzle:  how did a misdemeanor get switched to a felony?  Because right now Wolf is facing a FELONY charge in the circuit court.  None of the predicates for a felony are present, since that crime requires him to be in possession of the personally identifying information of five or more individuals, and he was alleged to be in possession only of one:  Leonard Pozner’s. 

And the second puzzle is how did Elizabeth Williamson get hold of information about the arrest before the release to media, as shown by her emails to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office the morning of Jan. 27th? She had a hotline to the sheriff’s office, as did the shill Charles Frye of Sandy Hook Facts, a/k/a Wade’s Vids. Frye knew about the warrant on January 23rd!


As noted, the foregoing was a draft I composed on March 9, 2020.  How about those documents, you say?  Well, my records request to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, asking for their media communications before and after this incident, was never responded to.  So, I don’t have those documents.  Yet on the face of it we can say Elizabeth Williamson was directly in the loop in this  unfounded arrest, which the NYT reported–under her byline–the same morning it took place, and got the fun of reporting that he was arrested in the middle of the night and booked into the jail for a felony, using an unflattering mug shot, even though the charging documents say misdemeanor.  A misdemeanor would mean a citation in the middle of the day, no booking into the jail, no mug shot.  It looks suspiciously like she set the false booking up herself to have cover for smearing him with all the crap which is incident to a felony arrest.  Not to mention harassing and terrifying him. Who’s the “notorious tormentor” here?

This is a prima facie case of the NYT not only reporting fake news, but creating fake events to serve as cover for its planned character assassination.  I hope Wolf sues Ms. Williamson, and her employer, but I have heard nothing other than that the charge against him was bumped to traffic court.  Traffic court! His attorneys have advised him not to talk to anyone about it, so I know no more. 

Hey, Lizzie-lou, how did you know Wolf was booked for a felony, before you even got the press release from the sheriff’s office?  [Update 11/21/2022: These bogus charges against Wolf were dismissed. The New York Times has never reported that!]

We’ve got a whole lot more offenses by this snake.  Er, that’s a different kind of reptile, and I don’t mean to disparage snakes, but it still fits.  Lizzie is writing a book about the fake Sandy Hook event so she’s busy propping the story up and knocking down those who question it.  She appeared at the show trial of Jim Fetzer which took place over the damages Leonard Pozner sought against him–no trial on liability, of course, because the owned judge entered summary judgment on that, despite being shown material facts in issue.  Lizard wanted to have lunch with Fetzer–and not just meet him at a restaurant somewhere, but pick him up at his house.  He said no, but she showed up at his home, anyway.  His wife would not let her in but Lizzie said she had to use the bathroom.  So Jim’s wife relented.  Lizzie slunk in with her camera, taking photos of the home inside as well as out! Leaping Lizards!  She was observed, before coming to the door, in her car parked out front, on her phone for some time.

Lizard’s latest slimy maneuver is to call one of Jim Fetzer’s’s acquaintances up, in this case “Eowyn,” who runs the blog Fellowship of the Minds, and falsely tell her that Jim had given her Eowyn’s name as someone who would talk to her about him.  Eowyn sent Jim an indignant email, and Jim notified a number of us, as follows:

From Eowyn to Jim:


I just received a note from a dear friend and colleague that Elizabeth Williamson had contacted her out of the blue and said that I had given her the information to contact her and that I had endorsed her reaching out. THAT IS COMPLETELY FALSE.

Beware of what I think of this person. Do not allow yourself to be played. Here’s what I wrote back (five minutes ago). She is SCUM and you do not want to have anything to do with her. Be sure that she is conducting some kind of blitz to hit as many as possible before being exposed.


[Jim’s response:]

Know that I did not recommend you to her and that I regard her as an obscenity. She came to my trial for damages and gave biased coverage, even coming out to my home to size it up for “Pozner”. She is despicable and I would never do that. She was LYING TO YOUR FACE. The book will smear everyone who has done serious work on Sandy Hook.

Sorry but I was not responsible. Please share with everyone that she is misrepresenting me. I not only do not endorse Elizabeth Williamson but I denounce her. She is the embodiment of “fake news” and disinformation, where the fact that she is associated with The New York Times should tell you all you need to know. With your permission, I will share this.

Warm regards,


P.S. Here’s her latest. Her overriding interest is in squelching the First Amendment rights of people she disagrees with.


[Continuing my addendum:] There are strong indications the woman is CIA.   Her qualifications to work for the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Chicago Tribune in Eastern Europe and Russia, as she did, are mighty thin.  In 1991 Lizzie worked in advertising as “marketing director for the Beverly Planning Association,” where she embarked on the “stellar career” that qualified her to be a features writer for the New York Times*. The pieces my co-researcher Anne Berg found that Ms. Williamson (née Dietmann) had written for major publications are fluff, such as this one (Russian Domestic Worker Cleans Up!) She is a graduate of Marquette University.  While her husband Glenn obtained a degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University (like Marquette, a Jesuit institution), he used his degree to exploit development opportunities in the newly opening Soviet satellite states.  He now heads a program at Georgetown called “Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate,” not exactly what I would call an academic discipline. Pfft.

The most compelling evidence of Lizzie’s intel masters is, of course, this book she is writing about the Sandy Hook event.  Look at the inflammatory language she used about the Halbig arrest:  “A Notorious Sandy Hook Tormentor is Arrested in Florida.”  The words “notorious” and “tormentor,” followed by the charge that Wolf has “falsely accused” the hoaxsters of being hoaxsters, are not objective.  They are opinion passed off as reportage, showing that the New York Times’s interest isn’t in presenting facts, but in convicting Sandy Hook deniers in the court of public opinion.  Journalism at its yellowest. The NYT has never asked the questions Wolf and others have asked, let alone sought answers, as he has done.  Why doesn’t Lizzie ask why there is no video footage of children evacuating the school?  There were plenty of cameras there.  Why doesn’t she ask why the school was in such a deplorable condition, with violations of safety standards galore?  Why doesn’t she ask about the 471 applications?  I explain that unequivocal evidence of a psy op in the Feb. 5, 2020, interview I did with Jim Fetzer, where I talked about Wolf’s false arrest.  Also see Halbig’s FOIAs. Read the truth here, not in the New York Times.

*The original link I had there was scrubbed. A friend found this later one to substitute.

**The goons finally brought Memory Hole Blog down. There was such valuable information on that site! It is a huge loss. I have that post probably still on my old blog, though–the one Google took down; I can still access it–so will get it back up and link to it. (See, Lenny, every time you take something down, many more rise up to take its place! Just like the skeleton army in the Harry Harryhausen movie! Comin’ for ya, sucka!)

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