Frauds of the FCC

(Orig. published May 9, 2020.)

A Pozner shill who calls himself “Mike Norton” emailed me at the end of January 2020 to dispute Lenny’s use of the Social Security number of a deceased individual named Anna Maguire, which a credit report we have on him reveals.  I wrote about this in The Goons Who Stalk Me.  This led to more emails, where Norton disputed various other findings about the Dec. 14, 2012, Sandy Hook event which are set forth in my blog.  I responded to his last few emails with lovely pictures of trolls, such as this one:

The Real Colorado Troll%2B%25231 Frauds of the FCC

I have regarded the 471 application filed by Newtown Public Schools with the USAC, agent for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), dated March 13th, 2012, as among the most compelling evidence that the Sandy Hook “shooting” was staged.  Obviously, the perpetrators realize its importance, too, so they have taken dramatic steps to bury this evidence.

What’s a 471 application and why is it central to Sandy Hook?  A 471 (or “E-rate“) application seeks reimbursement or a discount from the FCC for telecommunications services.  It’s based on the number of low-income students the school district provides free lunches to.

In the application Newtown Public Schools filed in March 2012, at p. 4, it claims reimbursement for Chalk Hill Middle School, which is not within the Newtown School District.  It is, in fact, in the Town of Monroe, and it was shuttered on July 1st, 2011.

Chalk Hill Middle School went on to play a pivotal role in the Sandy Hook event, because after the “shooting” this school was magically offered up by the Town of Monroe to Newtown Public Schools to serve as a substitute.  There was a widely publicized move with hype about how all the desks and pencils and backpacks from Sandy Hook School were taken to Chalk Hill and placed in the exact same positions (how is this even possible, when the schools had different designs?) over the last two weeks of December 2012, so that students could start school again on Jan. 2nd, 2013, as if nothing happened.

Cinderella Broom had written about the 471 application fraud in a blog post on her own website–which was taken down by WordPress, without notice or cause, she believes at Leonard Pozner’s instance.  I reposted her article on this blog.

A debunking effort by Sandy Hook Facts.  After I did so, Mike Norton told me that the 471 application argument was “debunked years ago.”  He referred me to Sandy Hook Facts (SHF), which purports to take the Cinderella Broom article apart.

Sandy Hook Facts provided a link to the USAC website, which has an option to click on “original” or “current,” after you enter the application code number, which, in Newtown’s case, is 826523.  These two versions are different.   The application which comes up when you click “original” does NOT include Chalk Hill.  Based on a call to USAC, SHF claims that this “original application” was filed on January 16, 2012. 

However, the “current” screen–which SHF says USAC told him was updated June 17, 2013–DOES include Chalk Hill.  Of course this update occurred months after the putative move on Jan. 2, 2013.  So Chalk Hill could logically be included within Newtown Public Schools at that point.

Debunking the debunker.  I discovered that if I clicked on the link in Sandy Hook Facts’ blog post (which link Norton had also emailed me) I was directed to A DIFFERENT PAGE for the USAC lookup–a FRAUDULENT page, it turns out–rather than the official site. It had an unlocked padlock at the top, while the official page had a locked padlock. In other respects the fake page was a carbon copy of the real USAC website.

By copying and pasting the link into my browser, rather than clicking on it, I was able to bypass the fraudulent page and get to the real USAC website.  I checked what I saw by accessing USAC’s website directly.  And there I discovered that the current and original submissions were still the same, and BOTH INCLUDE CHALK HILL.

A fraudulent link, a fake website, and a fake “original” application.  I recognized that the URL SHF (and Norton) provided, and the real URL, were not the same.  Here is SHF’s link:

On the first page using the above link, if you click on “original” you do NOT see Chalk Hill in the list of schools; and if you click “current,” you do.

The link to the authentic USAC lookup page was:

So the URL’s were different, as I said.  Clicking on “original” on the real USAC page brought up the same application as clicking on “current,” both of which included Chalk Hill, as I’ve already discussed.

But note that I am writing this in the past tense.

Reporting the fraud resulted in a cover-up.  When I discovered that both a fraudulent 471 application and USAC webpage had been created–which looked exactly like the real ones, but for the removal of Chalk Hill from the “original” application–I reported this federal crime both to the FCC as well as to the FBI.  This was in early February 2020.  The FBI never acknowledged my complaint.  The FCC/USAC guy, who answered its “complaint” line, was interested, however.   I walked him through the situation over the phone and he “got it.”  However, FCC has a policy of not telling a complainant what the outcome of the complaint has been.  What purpose does that policy serve if not to protect the wrongdoer?

Because that is the outcome.  It is now May.  All the links in the SHF blog post have been altered and don’t go where they went, before.  Instead, they go to a 404 error page, a Facebook page, etc., so you can’t verify that they earlier went to the fake website.  Even the official USAC pages linked to come up “Page Not Found.” 

I’ve also discovered that the link I formerly found through a search engine to get to the official USAC website has also been co-opted so it now directs to the same URL as the fake one!  It didn’t, in February.

A blatant memory hole.  The USAC website itself has been partially memory-holed.  You can no longer access any 471 applications earlier than 2015.  So I can’t put the link to the true original application in this blog post. 

It is shocking and even terrifying how history can be rewritten so facilely in the internet age.  Even more shocking is how deeply the Pozner tentacles run, such that he can cause massive changes to a federal agency’s website in order to cover up his frauds.  And so much for enforcement, so much for the federal agencies’ interest in serving the public with honesty and integrity.  All bow before the king.

Hookery.  Despite the cover-up, it is still obvious that the “original” 471 application could not have been filed on Jan. 16, 2012, as SHF maintained, because the date on it is March 13th, 2012.   USAC also told me that applications always close on March 31st (although this year, 2020–possibly because of COVID–the deadline was April 29th.)  Moreover, USAC said they do not give out filing dates over the phone, and they do not permit “updates” to an application after the original filing unless the applicant has filed (and prevailed in) an appeal with the FCC.  There have been no appeals filed with the FCC by Newtown Public Schools relating to any applications, let alone this one.  So SHF is caught in a big squirming passel of lies, even despite successfully commandeering two governmental agencies to cover up what it did.

Post-script, Oct. 20th, 2022:

I made requests under the Freedom of Information Act to the FCC, and complained to the FCC’s inspector general, in 2020, as well. The FOIA requests have never been responded to, although a weird effort by an attorney there to “settle” this matter in such a fashion that I got no information I rebuffed. Here is that correspondence. And today I tried to access the form filed in 2012 by Newtown Public Schools again, to see if the real one had been reinstated or it was still linking to the forgery, and the look-up feature no longer appears on the website. So I can’t.

One thought on “Frauds of the FCC

  1. Bob, May 9, 2020 at 11:12 AM

    I just tried the real link that you posted and was able to get to the 471 forms. Chalk Hil is listed in Block 4 of the current, it is not in the original form.
    Alison, May 9, 2020 at 12:58 PM

    You didn’t read the whole post, then. I realize it’s hard to understand. But yes, the actual link WAS ALTERED, TOO, so that both links now point to the fake USAC website with the fake 471 ap on it appearing as “original.” In the meantime, the USAC website itself won’t let you pull up anything prior to 2015. That’s new, too. Big conspiracy with the alteration of these documents and cover-up.

    I will try to make this post clearer.
    Alison, June 4, 2020 at 5:30 AM

    I mentioned that I had responded to “Mike Norton’s” emails with various pictures of trolls. I found them by just googling “trolls” and many pictures came up which were illustrations done by the Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen. Those are what I used. But get this: when I went looking for a troll picture to paste into this blog post, later, I did the same search on “trolls” and NO Kittelsen drawings came up. The Google Pigs served up only pictures of troll dolls.

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