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(You will want to read Brittany Maynard, My Undead Niece, before this.)

Where is she now?

Ever since I first published my research on the Brittany caper–my niece who reportedly committed suicide on Nov. 1st, 2014–in which I proved she is not dead (and made a good case for her going to work for the CIA, like her uncle), people have asked me whether I’ve found her.

Around Thanksgiving of 2016, I followed up on a very good lead. I never published this information, the reason being that, bad girl though she may be, Brittany is still my kin and I believed that exposing her would lead to her death for real. So now my information is six years old, but it is still worth publishing.

I’d had a Google alert on her name, and many such alerts came up over the years, endless stories hyping the suicide and the ceaseless stumping of her “husband” Dan Diaz and mother Debbie Ziegler to legalize death-by-doctor, state by state. Lots of Google alerts. And then one came which was different: it was a notice of a live radio broadcast of A Christmas Carol, a musical to be broadcast from a radio station in Little Egg, New Jersey on December 3rd and 4th. The person singing the role of the Cratchits’ daughter Martha was named Brittany Maynard:

The Real Colorado image-1 Brittany Follow-ups

I’d never heard of Gatsby-ish “Little Egg” and had had no reason to search for Brittany in New Jersey until that point. But once I did, I hit pay dirt. In I found a Brittany Maynard living with a David Diaz, which happens to be the name of Dan Diaz’s older brother, in Jersey City, New Jersey. I found that David Diaz was a physical education teacher at Lincoln High School in Jersey City. I also found that Brittany Maynard (age 32), David Javier Diaz (age 46), and Evaristo Diaz (the name of Dan and David’s father, age 73) were listed together at an apartment in New York City at 433 W. 34th St., Apt. 17F. David was there from May 2001 to March 2015, while Brittany was listed there for one month, July 2014. (So New York is where she hid out to prepare for the Big Event–or maybe afterwards?) David had two phone numbers, a New Jersey landline (201-459-6023)–with the same number listed for Brittany–and one in New York, 212-560-9019. Unfortunately, I took no screenshot and that info does not come up now–I am relying on my notes. The address 15 Sandstone Ct. in Alamo, CA always comes up for Brittany and Dan Diaz, so I ignore that, except did see David Diaz listed as the owner of that property, on 12/26/16.

I tuned in, via my computer, to the radio show on December 3rd, 2016–and could not believe my ears. There was no musical being performed: only schlock instrumental music playing, one piece after another without ever an announcement or commercial break. The next day, therefore, I went to the public library and logged in on their computer, to be treated to the same canned music. No Christmas Carol. Because of the continual interference I experience with my online research, and because I remembered Brittany had sung the role of Mother Superior in The Sound of Music in 8th grade, I strongly believe she was in this musical. But because of my own online activity being monitored–I should write a blog post about that!–I was not able to listen in.

I have not tried to find her since then. Brittany had a degree in audiology, and I believe had become a teacher herself, before going over to the Dark Side.

How did the Diazes become available for the psy-op?

I am not on Facebook, but a friend who was communicating with me about the Brittany matter sent me these two screenshots:

The Real Colorado image-4-1024x530 Brittany Follow-ups
The Real Colorado image-5-1024x523 Brittany Follow-ups

I looked into Vicky Garcia and found that she and Dan Diaz were, indeed, cousins: their mothers are sisters, with the maiden name Menendez Miraz. (I had obtained Dan’s mother’s name, “Carmen Menendez,” from the fraudulent certificate of marriage between Dan and Brittany.) Vicky, who had worked with Cruise Planners in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, passed away in August 2022.

Vicky’s mother Gisela, age 17, and Dan’s mother Carmen, age 12, immigrated to the U.S. together from Cuba in 1962–apparently as unaccompanied minors. I was very surprised to discover this was even allowed. They arrived on PAA Flight 422 on Oct. 4, 1962, in Miami.

The entry records for both are, curiously, stamped “PAROLEE. Paroled indefinitely.” No idea what this could possibly mean–they were children! Their address in Havana, “Cienfuegos Las Villas,” appears to be a well-to-do neighborhood. The U.S. address given for the girls (400 Memorial Dr. in Cambridge, Massachusetts) weirdly turns out to be a fraternity house at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, although, granted, I don’t know that that’s what it was in 1962! For visa, it says “waived.”

This discovery of Carmen’s waived visa led me down a rabbit-hole into a complex history of 14,000 children sent from Cuba to the U.S. in the early 1960’s, after Fidel Castro took over. The project was called “Operation Peter Pan” and was jointly sponsored by the CIA and the Catholic Church. Visas were waived for these children, and many never saw their parents again. A history professor at the University of Illinois named Maria de los Angeles Torres, who was one of these children, wrote a book about her efforts to obtain documents from the CIA relating to this mass importation of Cuban children during the early years following Castro’s revolution. The agency simply stonewalled her. It produced nothing. It made a propaganda movie about the exodus, however, called The Lost Apple.

There have been other such child-separation projects. A fascinating book, Empty Cradles, by Margaret Humphreys–reissued as Oranges and Sunshine (with a movie by the same name, also good)–details her experience, as a social worker in Britain, doing research in response to a request by a woman in Australia who did not know who her parents were. This woman, when a child, along with thousands of other children, had been effectively kidnapped by the British government–once again in collusion with the Catholic Church (or, in some cases, two other charities)–and sent to Australia. Others were sent to Rhodesia and Canada. In many instances there had been a single mother who left her child at a state-sponsored fostering institution, as a temporary measure until she could get on her feet financially. When she came for the child later she was told he could not be found.

The involvement of the CIA in this Cuban child importation scheme is a way that future participants in psychological operations such as the Brittany suicide caper–I refer now to the Diaz/Garcia clan–could be identified (as well as programmed).

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