Searchable CSP Report for Sandy Hook

The Connecticut State Police Report for the Sandy Hook event has been (justifiably) criticized for being around 7,000 pages with no index.

A friend of mine has combined the report’s original zip files into three large pdf documents, converted them, and made them searchable via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). I’ve uploaded the files here. To search press “control F” and type in the term you wish to search for. I have not uploaded the attachments (photos and video and audio files), since those can be accessed from links on the CSP website, here.

These files are still a big download. Let me know if you find any bugs.

The program we used for the OCR conversion (and use for viewing and editing pdf files generally) is PDF Exchange Editor, which can be downloaded for free. The reason for the watermark on every page (two circles with a slash in them) is, apparently, that we used the free version. Adobe Acrobat works for viewing the files, too.

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