A Very Weird Coincidence

(originally published June 28, 2015)

I’ve previously written about my suspicions re the physician-assisted suicide of my niece, Brittany Maynard, in Oregon.  My conversations with the Crown Funeral Home/Cascade Cremation Center established that, although the director signed the death certificate, the home never actually dealt with a body. “She is not in the system,” the employee said.

The story gets weirder.  I came across this article about the earlier untimely death in Oregon of Brittany’s friend Tyler James Dawson.

Note, first, that it is the Crown Mortuary which ran the tribute.  Kind of funny–wouldn’t you agree?–that this young man’s “dear adopted sister and good friend” Brittany Maynard Diaz (and “dear adopted aunt” and “second mother” Debbie Ziegler Holmes, Brittany’s mother) are there in the guy’s last hours, when even his own parents and siblings are not. It’s also strange that both of them, Brittany and Tyler–these two close friends from Southern California–end up dying in Oregon within months of each other, in the “care” of the same funeral home. 

The picture of the decedent in the group photo on the “Tribute Wall” looks like the same as the one of him with the trout, except reversed, with a lampshade stuck on his head (probably to cover up the original cap, although also to make him appear to be a fun guy), and the creepy white decal on the black shirt blacked out. 

The Real Colorado image-2 A Very Weird Coincidence
The Real Colorado image-3 A Very Weird Coincidence

It looks like the same decal on the cap.  And is he really holding that fish?  It looks pasted onto his hand.  His right shoulder in the group photo does not look real, either.  So, I think Tyler James Dawson, or at least his death, is a fake.  His mother (Sherri Wheeler) comments, “Don’t think of him as gone away his journey’s just begun…”  Hmm.

So this man dies in June 2014, and Brittany later that year.  “Mighty convenient if you want to disappear a couple,” as one astute friend of mine has observed. I should explain:  I think Brittany may have gone to work for the CIA, under an alias.

The tribute says there was to be another memorial service for Tyler in Southern California later, but I did not find any mention of that through Google. 

Brittany attended Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California, for her first two years of college.  She transferred to Berkeley as a junior in Fall 2004.  So she could have known Tyler at Saddleback–if he existed.  I found a Tyler J. Dawson who was apparently a sophomore at UCLA in 2005, but no image.  And I did find a birth certificate for him in California public records.

The man standing directly behind Brittany in the photo is a Jeff Daspit.  The Google entries for Daspit I looked at originally, at the library, contained references to an organization with a Hebrew name I’d never heard of before.  Later, those entries did not come up.  What did come up on Daspit was that he is an “executive recruiter” for “Fluid Intelligence,” or was.  Maybe he “recruited” Brittany and Debbie for this dry run of another fake death of a newbie CIA agent.  Daspit lives in Costa Mesa, CA. 

As for Danny Dawson, another person mentioned in the tribute, there is NO birth certificate for him.  So I wonder if he was born Tyler James and changed his name.  A Danny Dawson graduated from Berkeley in 2001, but I was not able to access his picture in the UC Berkeley yearbook (via ancestry.com), although it may be there, with a bad page number in the index.  A “Daniel Dawson” commented on the Facebook pages of both Brittany and Debbie. 

Is Danny Dawson Brittany’s real husband?


A message to Brittany:  Brittany, if you read this, please contact your father.  The shocking news of your demise had a very serious negative impact on his health.  Fortunately, he appears now to be recovered.  I am sure he will not reveal your secret.  He loves you.  I would like you to contact me, too.  I also promise not to reveal your secret.  (However, I am not taking my blog posts off the web!  I will just leave them the way they are and say no more.) 

I hope you are having a fun and full life wherever you are, punkin.

Note: I concluded in 2016 that Brittany is married not to Dan Diaz, but to his brother David Diaz, based on some findings which I will write about in Brittany Follow-Ups.

2 thoughts on “A Very Weird Coincidence

  1. Anonymous, July 9, 2015 at 5:13 PM

    Beg pardon, but if you zoom in on the party photo and compare the face to the one holding the fish, you’ll notice that the lighting is totally different (the reflections on the glasses) and the angle of the smile is off. They’re completely different photos.

    Alison Maynard, July 9, 2015 at 6:23 PM

    I dunno–the reflections on the glasses look the same to me (understanding that the pictures are reversed), but maybe you are right. I had not realized I could magnify the photo on my laptop, so thanks for pointing that out.

    Anonymous, July 14, 2015 at 7:03 AM

    Cant believe you are accusing your deceased niece of being a fraud. No wonder Debbie Ziegler cut off all contact with your side of the family. Your reasons for thinking this is a hoax make no sense – even if she was pretending to be terminally ill why would she use photos of someone else in magazines? She could just use her real photos. You’re right they don’t look like her but it is widely known the medication she was taking made her gain a ton of weight and blow up like a balloon. What would be her incentive to fake her death? She was a school teacher – and you think she wanted to go work undercover for the FBI? That is a delusional thought. This is very disrespectful and should be taken down.

    Tyranny News, October 12, 2015 at 12:16 AM

    You’ve asked, what would be her incentive to fake her death but the remainder of your comment has conviction and shows your opinion to be well established. You even state the blog owner’s acts or writing are disrespectful. If a very clear incentive did exist, what difference would that make if what’s been presented here is factually “…very disrespectful..?”

    One trait I find consistent among the angry and abrasive commenters posting in response to events involving a purported death is shaming. What I find dubious though is that the reason to feel shameful is either not spelled out or doesn’t make much since. For instance, in your case you state the acts or writing of the blog owner are disrespectful; disrespectful to who?

    Imagine a scenario where you attend a play in which one of the players is murdered. If the play were dark but satirical you might expect to hear a patron mimicking the murder scene and invoking laughter from others or even better, arguing the unbelievability of the murder act. Would it be reasonable then to approach and tell the person they were being disrespectful? Probably not. Now, one could argue that given it’s just a play to mock or argue it’s validity is pointless but still harmless. To claim it as disrespectful wouldn’t be appropriate either.

    If the above scenario were real, however and the patron a family relation to the purported victim wouldn’t arguing over the details have a very clear point? Would it now rise to the level of disrespect?

    When someone has questions about anything, especially when they do nothing unlawful or cause any physical or clear emotional distress in their pursuit it is never disrespectful. If the consequence of ignoring the issue and accepting or neglecting the reported account or claims will clearly lead to grave or even incalculable fallout, it may even be heroic. It would at least be the most proper response or civic duty.

    Lastly and ultimately, anyone’s opinion not directly related to the issue at hand can rightly be dismissed without consideration. I find it uplifting though to see the blog owner taking time to respond to some comments, many I have deemed pathetic attempts to discourage.

    Alison, July 14, 2015 at 9:55 AM

    You have jumped to an erroneous conclusion in saying “Debbie Ziegler cut off all contact with your side of the family.” To the contrary, it was my brother who cut off contact. The reason was a seemingly endless quest for money, supported by fraudulent representations. “Money” is also the answer to your question about what Brittany and Debbie’s incentive would be to fake Brittany’s death. As laudable a profession as teaching is, a teacher’s income generally would not support those trips to Nepal, Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro, etc.

    Also, I said “CIA,” not “FBI.” The CIA recruits young college-educated people heavily, and in this case Brittany had an “in” with her uncle David, as I pointed out.

    Anonymous, July 15, 2015 at 7:31 AM

    So you are saying your brother cut off contact with his daughter because her mother wanted money? that seems a strange reason to cut off ties with one’s daughter. Why would Brittany need to fake death in order to go work for the CIA? Why would the CIA want someone to fake their death and be paid to do it?? please explain.

    Tyranny News, October 12, 2015 at 12:54 AM

    I think it would be helpful in reading your comment to explain something about the way in which the CIA works. There are many different types of roles within the CIA that run the usual range from secretary to department chief. There are additional roles that are quite abstract or very specialized; all very unconventional.

    One key role is the intelligence operative. They are sometimes spies, but not always. Often they are merely positioned in ways considered advantageous but have little or no defined objective. They were once confined in their roles to neither conduct operations within US territories, to harass or engage in what is essentially propaganda. Those limitations no longer apply. Even if they did, without any oversight mechanism there’s no way to identify or curtail it.

    One thing ALL operatives have in common though is the continued or frequent operating under a false identity. The level to which an ID will be entrenched varies, but the advantages of the method are too clear. Because operations are often critical to the planners and operatives don’t likely wish to take unnecessary risks, their false identity must at least equal that of the average person. Very often they will find themselves in situations where any number of associates or even mere acquaintances will run deep checks of the background. In rare cases, a slight anomaly might result in immediate execution or worse.

    My point is that, the CIA is in the business of false IDs and lies. It may be for this very reason that for many years now the CIA has been rarely even mentioned in the media. Surely what little Americans know about the CIA amounts to not even 2% of what’s known of the FBI or even the DHS. In my opinion, even very knowledgeable intelligence experts have no concept of the CIA’s scope, capabilities or activities. The security clearance structure makes sure of that. Some think the CIA is present on every street in America. Sound crazy? Maybe so. But now amplify the problem 10 fold for each similar agency that exists in the world. As the clearance structure supersedes national boundaries and any form of law or given morality, there’s simply no way to even define what crazy is.

    So, I hope this has helped to re-frame your question about why people “fake their death.” One might also wonder whether they were also switching IDs in the process. Even more interesting to me is why they have reason to fake death and why certain groups might wish to promote their death. Known details of US agencies conducting various experiments in human psychology and other projects reveals they often intend to cause subjects to commit suicide. More revealing and maybe more related to this situation is their efforts to increase acceptance of death of the self or of others. This type of research could easily have been instrumental in current psy-ops where propaganda may be used to control American’s opinions of assisted suicide.

    Alison, July 15, 2015 at 11:59 AM

    You are mighty hostile. What’s YOUR agenda?

    As to your first question, no, that’s not what I said. Please reread it.

    A faked death means she can take up life somewhere else under an alias. CIA undoubtedly has many operatives working and living under false names. That she is participating in a staged tragedy, too, means two birds are killed with one stone.

    Or possibly her work for the CIA was limited to this one “adventure,” as it has likely been for Debbie–and was for the Sandy Hook participants, one of whom was even photographed wearing a sweatshirt that said “CIA” on it. They all got millions.

    Anonymous, October 2, 2015 at 11:19 AM


    Aline from Brazil, November 10, 2015 at 4:17 AM

    I don’t speak english very well. But i was wondering. If your brother cut off relations with his daughter, when he discovered she supposed to be terminally ill, why he did’t contact her? She was his daughter and he must have feellings for her in his heart. And the Maynard family in general, why nobody show up at the time of her passing? I don’t understand that. And now you think she is working with CIA? I’m not saying it can’t br truth, but there are easyest ways to go to work with the CIA without all this lies and work…

    Alison, November 10, 2015 at 6:03 AM

    When you say “why nobody [from the Maynard family] show up at the time of her passing,” well: we were not notified it was even going on, a strong reason I believe the event is fake.

    My brother had recently had gall bladder surgery when the Brittany video hit the news, and the report put him in the emergency room with internal bleeding. He almost died. Although he was not inclined to reconcile at that time, because Brittany had done very hurtful and damaging things, he did not know where she was, anyway. We do not know where Debbie is, either. The address I uncovered for Brittany on the voter registration had no phone number associated with it that I could find, and was a house owned by another couple. I did not obtain that address until January, anyway.
    Has questions2March 4, 2016 at 9:10 PM

    I too thought her death was suspicious. No death certificate. No camped out poporotzi, no mention of burial, funeral or cremation. Highly staged propaganda to push the death with dignity issue. As Sandy Hook was staged and broadcast to incite fear and push for gun control.

    SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE from a cheap store magazine, to a large news firm, or magazine, or unscrupulous poporotzi would have gotten photos of the corner taking her body out of the house, her funeral, etc.

    I believed the story initially too. But I’m no sheep either. Then I wondered where all the press went?

    You are brave to print this. Kudo’s to you.

    Has questions2, March 4, 2016 at 9:12 PM

    I too thought her death was suspicious. No death certificate. No camped out poporotzi, no mention of burial, funeral or cremation. Highly staged propaganda to push the death with dignity issue. As Sandy Hook was staged and broadcast to incite fear and push for gun control.

    SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE from a cheap store magazine, to a large news firm, or magazine, or unscrupulous poporotzi would have gotten photos of the corner taking her body out of the house, her funeral, etc.

    I believed the story initially too. But I’m no sheep either. Then I wondered where all the press went?

    You are brave to print this. Kudo’s to you.

    Alison, March 6, 2016 at 2:40 PM

    Thank you. For the record, I contacted several law enforcement and regulatory agencies in Oregon to ask for an investigation. One thing I asked for was an autopsy (and was told I was not a close enough relative to ask for that); a second was simply for a cop to stake out the house and watch for a body bag emerging. A couple law enforcement guys appeared very interested at first, then evaporated. As for “staking out the house” myself, I never even learned where Brittany (or Dan Diaz or Debbie) were. I got the voter registration and hospice addresses after Nov. 1st.

    As for “being brave”: I have a Google alert on Brittany’s name, and have attempted to post comments every time a new article about “Death with Dignity” appears. I have done so on many news sites, almost always then seeing my comment deleted, or being unable to post in the first instance. I posted one comment on the Pueblo Chieftain six times, only to see it removed within minutes each time.

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