Police State II

(orig. pub. 3/19/2011)

A couple I met last night said that twice recently, on the H light-rail line in Denver, burly men have been going down the train demanding people produce a photo ID to them.

They are not RTD.  They are Homeland Security.

Although the Regional Transportation District has a right to see your ticket, no one has a right to just demand a photo ID without probable cause.  My recommendation to anyone who is asked to do so is:  ask the cop for HIS (or her) photo ID.  Tell the cop that he is conducting a warrantless search, which is unconstitutional.

We must begin standing up to the police state and not submit to the loss and abrogation of our constitutional rights like sheep.

There are instances where I am not going to argue about the warrantless search, such as before getting on an airplane, or, probably, going into a court.  Anywhere else, I am.

***The latest (Sept. 23, 2011): FEMA and Homeland Security have been conducting drills to bus students and teachers to Mile High Stadium for “processing.” This “Mountain Guardian” exercise had actors posing as dead bloodied bodies and roaming the school hallways with guns.

In the meantime, such drills have become commonplace since this post was composed. No one is shocked to see this outrageous abuse of students and misappropriation of taxpayer funds anymore. Given that Denver was the site of the Columbine school massacre–which must have been government-sponsored, given the FBI and CIA agents standing around “observing” while the killing was going on inside; the involvement, according to many witnesses, of many other shooters; and the complete non-investigation and cover-up which followed, involving slimeball Ken Salazar–and the imminent economic collapse, we are on the verge of seeing mass slaughter of citizens by rogue elements in our own government. Denver is a hub for spook activity.

“Drills,” my ass.

8/24/22: How prescient was I? Sandy Hook followed a year later! And we who are still around have just lived through the massive culling of the population inflicted not by a “killer virus,” but by killer injections pushed on us by the government! And if the jabs don’t kill you the masks and lockdowns will.

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