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(orig. published Aug. 8, 2020, with updates noted)

Here are some interviews I’ve done in the past few years which are a relatively painless way–much less exhausting than plowing through motions and briefs!–people can get to know me and my work and what I stand for.  But first:  I’m excited and honored to announce I’ll be one of the speakers at the  False Flags and Conspiracies conference (formerly the “Question Everything” conference, rescheduled due to COVIDiocy).  This conference is taking place online via Zoom on Dec. 5-6, 2020.  More info at the bottom of this post.  Hope to see you there! 

[12/16/20:  Here’s the presentation I gave at this conference.]

The best one I’ve done about the disciplinary siege against me, including the bogus current claims that I have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, discussing Animas-La Plata frauds and making a prima facie case that Opus Dei has infiltrated the courts, is this one with Jim Fetzer from 11/5/20.

This is a good interview from Aug. 5, 2020, with Katharine Horton, where we are talking about the Catholic and Masonic stranglehold on the courts and the bogus unauthorized practice of law (UPL) charges I am fighting in Colorado.  Katherine calculates 109,000 views of this vid (since usually only 0.5% of people actually comment on a video they’ve seen, and there are over 500 comments).

The most complete one I’ve done about the takeover of the judiciary by Opus Dei/Vatican is here, on Dec. 30, 2020.

In 2018 I talked with Lulu and Robin of FACEUS about the Spring Creek Ranch case and judicial corruption in Colorado.  Includes the story about Halena Lewis and me getting chased down the mountain by psychopath Nelson Lane.

Lulu and Robin checked in with me again in January 2020, because of the new bogus unauthorized practice of law charges filed against me by the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel in Colorado.

[In November 2021 I talked about the Colorado Supreme Court’s resumption of the witch hunt against me.]

On Jim Fetzer’s show again, where we talk about the arrest of Wolfgang Halbig and I go through Wolf’s contributions to Sandy Hook research, Feb. 2, 2020. I believe this is one of the best resources you can find about Wolf’s findings–I pulled them together–and they matter, since most of them are the government’s own admissions (and omissions) obtained via FOIA requests. Since document sharing was not enabled on this show I have written this blog post, which contains links to the docs, so you can follow along.

Here’s my presentation on James Fetzer’s Raw Deal from November 2019 about the Brittany and Amy Biehl psy ops (which you can read about on this blog, here and here!)

On James Fetzer’s show at, talking with Katherine Horton, Gary King, and callers about the latest psy op (at a school in California) and Sandy Hook, November 2019.

 In 2009, election activist Margit Johannesen made this video of me talking about the crooked Castle Rock elections in 1998 and 1999.  (Her interest was the frauds with absentee ballots, so she didn’t let me talk about the frauds in the polling place.  I’ll soon be doing a blog post about these elections.  People in Colorado are repeatedly told their elections are free and fair.  The opposite is the case.) [12/27/23: discovered the above link had been interfered with, so have fixed it.]

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