Billy Lucero’s Inquisition

Sept. 4, 2010

[Update Feb. 27, 2022: This post is all the more pertinent, despite being over 11 years old, since Lucero passed the constitutionally mandated retirement age for judges three years ago--yet continues to decide disciplinary cases (notably the one I just endured, in which he disbarred me by default). In the meantime, read the motion I filed detailing the age and other constitutional violations, such as Lucero’s being preselected for this important and politically sensitive position without filing an application or undergoing a background check; never filing financial disclosures; and bribe-taking. His co-goon John Gleason is exposed as a reprobate in this motion, as well. Also please read my opening brief about the witch hunt they have conducted against me for 15 years.).]

[Update 4/15/22: He is out! I did it! See Goon Gone.]

The Real Colorado image Billy Lucero's Inquisition
2/28/22: Glad to see Billy finally found a suit that fits.

The “presiding disciplinary judge” in Colorado is a man named William Lucero.

Before getting that job he worked at the U.S. Department of Justice on the Summitville case. Of course, there were no prosecutions of any of the criminals involved in Summitville, the biggest environmental disaster from mining ever, in the United States.

To reward him for doing nothing, the Powers-That-Be gave Lucero his present position, Presiding Disciplinary Judge within the Colorado attorney regulatory system. He was also, in 2007, given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Catholic Lawyers’ Guild, in something called the Red Mass, where the archdiocese rewards lawyers who are apparently doing work the Church likes.

I interpret this as because Lucero rules “the right way,” the Church has told him he’s going to heaven.

He runs a kangaroo court because that’s what the Fat Cats want. The point of the attorney regulatory system they run is not to protect the public, but to ruin lawyers who challenge the corruption in Colorado.  To this end Lucero mischaracterizes evidence and distorts legal holdings. He interfered with his clerk’s preparation of the record to ensure materials I needed to win my case on appeal were not transmitted; interrupted my witnesses on the stand to prohibit testimony favorable to me from getting in the record; and issued groundless “protective orders,” to protect the judges I had subpoenaed, and their attorney confederates, from having to reveal their improper ex parte communications. He even massaged transcripts before the reporter certified them, to neutralize testimony which might have embarrassed any of the important people he toadies to. He routinely enshrines in orders false statements made by the prosecutors, knowing they are false, as well as his own inventions, to make it look like there’s something there to support the sanction he’s imposing.  He knows when the prosecutors are lying, but he overlooks it.  It’s OK when it’s the prosecutors lying, see, because it’s all in the service of God (and they’re Catholics, too).

Why is the Catholic Church giving awards to lawyers, anyway? Could there be a plan to elevate Catholic lawyers to public office precisely because they know they will take direction from the Church in preference to any competing human-made rule of conduct, such as insignificant principles like due process and the First Amendment?  Indeed, Thomas More was sanctified because he put his duty to the Church over his duty to the king. 

Six of the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices are Catholic: Alito, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Sotomayor, and Kennedy. (The other three are Jewish. Wikipedia has an article about the cooperation between the Italian and Jewish Mafia.) There are too many Catholic judges to count in Colorado, as well as on the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado; and all of them I consider to be owned outright by the development interests, particularly the mobbed-up Brownstein, Farber law firm and its client Larry Mizel. They include now-retired John McMullen of the Denver District Court; Mary Mullarkey, until October 2010 the chief justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, who got the St. Thomas More award in 1999; Greg Hobbs, the water developers’ advocate on the Colorado Supreme Court (who drove the groundless retaliatory disciplinary proceedings against me); and presumably the many judges or magistrates on the U.S. District Court who have Hispanic, Irish, or Italian last names.  Listed members of the Catholic Lawyers Guild are Judge John Kane, who got the St. Thomas More award in 1983 and was irregularly “transferred” onto my case in federal court; creepy Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, who attended Notre Dame and got the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2005; Ken Salazar, who got the St. Thomas More award in 2003; and former governor Bill Ritter, who got the St. Thomas More award in 2000.  (This, even though Ritter killed a guy while playing missionary in Zambia.)  Attorney James Lyons got the award in 1998.  (See my post “Ken Salazar Unwrapped” about most of these people’s participation in covering up, and likely profiting from, Summitville–and that’s just one of their many fraudulent–and murderous–undertakings.)  The address given for the Catholic Lawyers’ Guild and St. Thomas More Society is the Denver DA’s office and the Denver D.A. has been a Catholic as far back as I can remember. Another participant in this cabal is the publication known as Law Week, which, similarly, is run by Catholics and gives gushing publicity and awards (e.g., Superlawyer of the Decade!), to Catholic lawyers, itself.  They’ve got every corner pinned down.

I even had Opus Dei on my case. It is not statistically probable this occurred by chance. One of the judges in the first disciplinary case against me to go to hearing is at least a closet member, since his son is the head of Opus Dei in Colorado. His name is Steven Ezell. His demeanor during my hearing was scary–rigid and unsmiling–and now I understand why. He was put there to do a specific job–put me away–and it had nothing to do with considering the evidence or the law.

The hypothesis I’m arriving at is that Catholic lawyers and judges are acting to further a common goal, which is to funnel money back to the Church or make it more powerful in other ways, as a result of their rulings and activities. And they are rewarded handsomely.  So when a judge takes a bribe, he gives some portion back to the Church, or the party his ruling benefits does.

And then there is the pedophilia in the Church. And the cover-up of the pedophilia.  And even cover-up of murders by priests.

Is the Mafia simply an arm of the Catholic Church (or vice versa)?  To what extent is Opus Dei operating in Colorado? When Billy Lucero thumbs his nose at the Constitution, does it count as mortification of the flesh?

I wish I could tell you. At the least, it sure appears the Catholics still love inquisitions–they have never quite been able to wean themselves from the heady pleasure of torturing the poor wretches who express different views, tying them to a stake, lighting a big fire underneath, and watching them twist and scream.

[March 11, 2018:  just saw that the original links I put in to the Catholic Lawyers Guild, above, had been “redirected” to sites in Chinese!   I could fix them only by linking to the main awards page.]

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